I wrote my first school published story when I was eight.  It was about acquiring numerous cats with and without tails.  I’m allergic to cats.  I come from a dog family.

I was commissioned by my principal to write my first play in the eighth grade.  It was to instruct the elementary students about gun safety, to get them to  stay away from guns.  I had full artistic freedom to both write and direct.  My friends and I skipped what seemed like copious hours of class to practice alone in the auditorium.  That alone was amazing but nothing beat the feeling of sitting on the edge of the stage and fielding questions from the audience after our performance.   Man, I was hooked.

As an undergraduate I created a performance art piece on a masculine hygiene product.  I shot three commercials that were then shown at a student show.  I enlisted a favorite uncle as one of my actors.  He sat at a card table in my basement cleaning a rifle, in full hunter gear and performed my script about cleaning his, ahem, junk.  Writing is amazing.  The theatre is magical.

One day I will write and produce my work full time.  In the interim I am madly in love with my day job.  I am incredibly fortunate to be a SAHM to three beautiful children.  I have two raucous, creative and Star Wars obsessed boys and a baby girl that will, I am quite sure, follow suit.  We live together with my incredibly funny, creative and smart husband in suburban Metro Detroit.  I am blessed and lucky.

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