Maybe I should call this post Zen and the Art of Improv Part 2

The After Improv crew interviewed Garrett Fuller in their last podcast.
This little blog of mine got a small shout out in that interview.  Garrett talked about my writing about his workshop at the Planet Ant. I thought I would dust off that post and milk that five seconds for all that it’s worth.  Here is a link to that blog post here.  Plus writing this gives me content for this blog which is certainly in need of new content lately.

A few things that Garrett mentioned in the podcast that are worth remembering-

Use physicality to get into the scene.

His physicality is awesome because it is nuanced and so real.  A shake of his head and you believe he has one of those ugly, scruffy ponytails that some guys do.  Garrett is one of those performers that really studies people.   He not only observes how people carry themselves, but he uses those notes.  He does this thing with his hips, when he is playing a woman and you buy into the fact that he is a woman. You stop seeing him and you see the character.  That character is real and it all starts with this little chasse.  There are too many examples to share abut I did so love when he was a nurse taking someone’s pulse.

He said so many things about Tim Robinson and Nancy Hayden that I need to see more of their work.

He also said play characters that are fun to play.  Seems obvious but how often do we end of playing people we don’t even like?  Take control of those characters, improvisors.  Play roles that fill you with joy.  There is a life message buried in that point too, isn’t there?

He spoke of needing to get creative projects out of himself. That his Wayne County Lyfe project couldn’t stay in his head any longer. I like that philosophy.  Focusing on producing not the final product. Just wanting to get creative projects out into the world.  I am reminding myself right here, that I need to follow that practice.  Daily.  For Real.

Oh, and he totally gushes over Margaret, which of course I am in complete agreement. Her characters are effortless and limitless. Jim Harper commented after seeing her Mars show (with Mark Soblewski and her husband John Edwartowski) that Margaret’s “characters are so clear even before she’s said anything.” That Jim Harper got it right, Magical stuff.  It is awesome to hear someone else gush over Margaret as much as I do.

So dear readers, go listen to the Podcast with Garrett Fuller and then go back and read the post he mentioned in the podcast and feel cool that you know me.  And the fact that Garrett said I really “got it.”

Improv, my drug of choice.

So proud of my super cool friends that have created the After Improv Podcast and how it has introduced me to so many people and much of Detroit’s improv history.  It is a marvelous project they have going and I am so glad to be one of their friends– first and foremost, one of their guests and of course, one of their listeners.  And since Tony, you are maybe my only regular reader, yes- I am talking to you.  Much love!

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