New Business, Ghostwriting, Planner Stickers, Improv, Sick Kids, Potty Training, you know the usual . . .

So I’ve been hiding out for a while.  I know.  I know.  I often disappear.  It is terrible.  I know.  How can I develop that huge readership if I skip out all of the time?

But honestly I think I’ve had a few good excuses.

First I was scrambling to finish the first draft of a book I am ghost writing.  Pretty cool gig huh? Yes but man, was that stressful.  I have learned that I actually really love ghostwriting.  Ghostwriting takes all of the pressure out of the creative process.  All I have to think about is maintaining the author’s voice and organizing the content.  I don’t have to worry about my ego at all.  None of the ideas are mine, so I don’t feel that same self-conscious pressure I do with my own creative writing.  I am still playing with words but they aren’t technically my own, so I’m not so worried about them or precious about the critiques.

It wasn’t and isn’t easy peasy though- the struggle has come in trying to organize the ever changing focus of the client.  The concept for the book was changed several times, mostly because my client didn’t have all the content he needed.  Right now he’s given me a nice little break so I’ve filled my time developing a new business and teaching a little drama on the side.

The drama classes are awesome.  I do absolutely love, love, love teaching.  As much as I tell myself I don’t, I do miss being in the classroom.  I do.  I’ve enjoyed having everyone’s rapt attention.  I’ve enjoyed giving my students the floor to explore their ideas and thoughts.  I love wandering the room watching them so earnestly working on their monologues.  I like building a team–like spirit in my classes.  I like being tired at the end of the night.  It’s that good kind of exhaustion.

Then there is this little business I dreamed up.  As you know I have lots of ideas.  I am full of huge plans and always working on my to do lists.  I got hooked on using a paper planner a few years ago.  For me there is something about opening a book and writing things down.  I couldn’t master staring at the tiny dots on my google calendar and making sense of them.  So I got pretty good at putting things into my planner.

I started carrying it around and adding events as new things popped up.  I grew quite attached to it and making it my own.  Then I found myself investigating cute stickers for putting in repeating events.  The problem was that I didn’t know how to reconcile my millions of to do lists with the events in my planner.  A few weekends ago I had everything in my planner but was still flipping out.  Even with things penciled in, we were still triple booked on tons of occasions.

Then there was that Saturday morning a half an hour before Desi’s birthday party when I was running around like crazy.  There I was trying to roll out fondant and use spray food coloring for the first time only minutes before guest were to arrive.  This beautiful cake that we had planned for weeks was being slapped together.  It broke my heart.

Something had to change.  I needed something more than event stickers.  I needed help with all of the details.  I needed all of my to do lists to be fully integrated into my planner.  I could manage one project but not fifteen.  And since I always have fifteen projects going at once and all at different stages . . .  I need a system that helped me integrate it all.

I kept searching online with no luck.  It was than that I figured out that I could make them myself.  If I needed them, well maybe there were other poor saps that over schedule themselves and have huge intricate plans they desperately want to complete.  Once I decided to do it, a million ideas started to fill my mind.

I find myself totally obsessed with learning new software and making new sticker sheets.  My mind perpetually plotting and planning.  It seems I can spend hours putting together new Stick to It Lists.  I am totally hooked.  Totally, totally hooked.  Jon has patiently waded through the web work.  Now I just need to figure out social media so I can properly reach my target audience.  I planted myself in the soil of a very niche market.  I have faith.  I like the product and believe in it.  I just need to find my planner peeps.

Oh– and in addition to all of this– we’ve had crazy boughts of sickness, a tenuous potty training two months and all of the rigamarole of life with three kids, a demanding improv habit and a husband working on a career shift.  So there you have it.

Oh, and since you spent your time listening to this- I’ll send you to my link for my free St Patrick’s Day Fun Planner Sticker Template.




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