New Year’s Tradition: Write it Down and Make It Happen

You know I’m a sucker for nostalgia and family time.  You know that I am big on goal setting and organizing.  You can read about how quarterly we make plans for seasonal adventures for the family here.  Today I thought I’d briefly post about a little family tradition we just finished doing for the fourth year in a row.

Every year we fill out a little year in review sheet and a few goals we have for the year.  We have used this awesome one from Modern Parents Messy Kids for the last two years.

For fun we thought we’d shake things up and also include a coloring page option that I found at Skip to my Lou.  All three kids love to color so this seemed like an easy choice.

This year I decided to move the saved sheets to our family binder rather than keep them stashed away.  It may be helpful to have them more out in the open.  That way we can review them and keep ourselves on track.

In case you were wondering some of our highlights from 2015 included:

Desmond is proud of himself.  His best memory was performing in the K Rock show and he likes to spend his time playing video games.

Julian wants to learn how to do laser tag and the new book he got for Christmas, that I have the privilege of reading aloud to him, is both of our favorite books for the year.  He is proud of his football game win on the much contested and uber competitive recess field.

Magdalena counts her teacher Erica as one of her friends.  She stated that she likes to spend her time peeing and pooping on the potty but I’m not totally convinced as potty training has returned as a goal for the year.

I enjoyed reading our goals from last year and discovering how many of them we actually accomplished.  Jon said he wanted to stop working a regular 9-5 and that he wanted to buy a new house.  Check and check.  I said I wanted to get paid for my writing and be in an improv troupe.  Check and check.

Some other goals are still in the works which is exciting. None feel to far afield or completly abandoned, which makes me think we have a decent pulse on our future plans.  For this year’s goal setting sheet I made sure that I threw in a few big and bold goals just to keep all of us on our toes.  If I could check so many past goals off, why not make some big bold choices for 2016, right?

I love that we spend time writing and sharing our goals as a family.  I want my kids to know that we will always champion their dreams.  I want them to feel safe to explore big and little goals around our kitchen table first and then out in the world.  I want them to write it down and make it happen.  I want to help in anyway that I can.

Dream Big.  Make Bold Choices.  Dive into 2016, people.  And Happy New Year.

If you share some of your goals in the comments section I am sure I will feel extra loved today.

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