Accurate Names for Trailer Parks, Subdivisions and Nursing Homes

Does anyone else think that the owners of trailer parks are completely insensitive to their residents by choosing the park names that they do? Trailer parks always have the most lavish names- Green Meadow Manors, [Posh City] Estates, or Grand Chateau’s of [blank] Mile Road. I think if I lived in a tiny mobile home I’d be pretty pissed. I can just imagine the internal dialog I would have as I pulled my paint peeling Plymouth Sundance into the park, maybe I’d be mumbling to myself as I finished off a cold 20 oz bottle of Coke before I chucked it on to the back seat. I would defiantly be angry.

(Apparently in some alternate universe I do live in a trailer home and drive a beater. No judgement. I just do on that alternate plane. Maybe that is the same universe in which I work at art fairs. Traveling from art fair to art fair, selling something I’ve painstakingly created. I know it isn’t jewelry but I can’t decided if I paint, sculpt things out of found objects or sew funky bags. I just can see myself in my little tent, selling my wares.)

I also hate most of the names for subdivisions because they fall along the same lines. If your sub is right on a busy street you can’t call it hidden anything, dawg. Unless you are completely surrounded by trees- your sub should not be called a forest.

Nursing home names also seem to insult the poor residents as well. Don’t make it sound palatial unless it actually is. I don’t know if incredibly honest names would be less insulting but at least they would be real.

Have you seen any good and completely misleading names for trailer parks, subs or nursing homes?

Do names for other things drive you crazy? Share. I want to know.

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